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Welcome to our British Directory service. This directory is derived from the British component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Sections on crime prevention, tackling crime, policing policy and crimestoppers for the South West of England. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bedfordshire Police - News, community action and general information about this Home Counties police force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • City of London Police - All aspects of policing including crime levels, fraud, community support, recruitment, FAQs and contact details. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Cleveland Police - Information on the policing plan, community news, drug abuse information, emergency planning and a junior page. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Cumbria Constabulary - Force detail, current information and profile, plans, campaigns, appeals and statistics, latest press releases and news. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Derbyshire Police - News and details about this Midlands constabulary. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Devon and Cornwall Constabulary - Regional policing information and advice, includes an online survey and children's section. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Dorset Police - News and policing information for the Dorset area, including an interactive crime quiz and opinion poll. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Durham Constabulary - Community information and recruitment advice from this North East England force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Essex Police - Constabulary community relations and information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary - News, information and crime prevention advice. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Greater Manchester Police - News and information about the force, includes details of Operation Hawk, Best Value information and employment opportunities. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Hampshire Constabulary - News and advice from this southern English police force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Honourable Artillery Company - City of London Special Constabulary - Information about the HAC unit of the Metropolitan Special Constabulary, whose volunteers assist in maintaining law and order in Islington, and how to join it. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Humberside Police - Includes a drugs hotline and current news and a section on the Internet Watch Foundation. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Kent County Constabulary - Official site describing how the constabulary works with the community of Kent. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Lancashire Constabulary - Advice and information from this North West England police force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Leicestershire Constabulary - Information on the force, performance standards and community policing. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Lincolnshire Police Online - News, recruitment, structure and crime prevention information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Merseyside Police - Information on the force and details of the crimestoppers initiative. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Metropolitan Police - News, public appeals and recruitment information from the force responsible for the policing of London. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • National Crime-beat - National crimebeat, crime prevention awards. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Norfolk Constabulary - Information and crime prevention advice from this East Anglian force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • North Yorkshire Police - News, press releases, staff recruitment and information from North Yorkshire Police. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Northamptonshire Police - News and information on policing the county, includes constantly updated speed limit enforcement locations. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Northumbria Police - Information on the history of the force, statistics, priorities and how to join the force. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • South Yorkshire Police - Information on crime prevention, history, specialist departments and partnership with young people, includes speed enforcement locations. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Staffordshire Police - Information on the history of the force, local features and a missing persons section. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Suffolk Constabulary - Provides information on force and how it works in partnership with the community. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Surrey Police - News, reference and advisory material and pages for children. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Sussex Police - News and information about the force, includes an online form to report any lost property or a theft from luggage at Gatwick Airport. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Thames Valley Police - One of the largest forces in Britain, covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Publications, children's section and online recruitment information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • West Mercia Constabulary - Features news, appeals, Crimestoppers, and careers information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • West Midlands Police - Press releases, information on joining the police and a list of stations and contact numbers. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • West Yorkshire Police - Includes a section on policing football, news on current investigations and details of the standards and service provided. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Wiltshire Constabulary - Promoting the policy of 'Keeping Wiltshire Safe', includes news and feedback sections. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )


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