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Welcome to our British Directory service. This directory is derived from the British component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Addaction - Charity working in the field of drug and alcohol abuse. Offers information, counselling, advice and both residential and day care treatment. Centres throughout England. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Astra Zeneca - Develops new medicines, includes news releases and careers section for new college graduates. Headquarters and main research centres are located around the UK. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Batemans Opticians - Independent chain operating across the South of England with laboratory in Godalming. Treatments, operations, offers and online branch locator. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Birthworks - Birthing tub hire. Profile, services and list of depots. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • BK Health - Provide community primary health care. About, their sites, and jobs. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Body Balance - Details on osteopathic treatment of back pain, neck pain. Offices in Essex and London. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bramley Clinic - Osteopathy clinics in Sheffield and Worksop. Profile, services and treatments. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Colten Care - Runs 13 cares homes in Hampshire and Dorset. Details of locations, jobs, activities, news and company information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Community, Housing & Therapy - CHT runs therapeutic communities for people with mental ill health. Also provides training and workshops for professionals in the field. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Couple Counselling Alliance - Counsellors, based in Bristol, Hampshire, the Midlands and South Wales, offering counselling to assist couples experiencing relationship difficulties. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • David Clulow Opticians - Chain of opticians describes its services and includes a branch list. Incorporates online appointment booking and frame search. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Day Lewis Chemist plc - South England chemist chain. Site features a branch locator. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Detox 5 - Five day detoxification programme that uses sedation and pain relief medication to alleviate opiate addiction. Clinics in London and Yorkshire. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Direct Specs - Factory outlet of spectacles. Details of outlets and optical information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Emens Osteopathic Clinics - Clinics in London and Horsham. Includes profile, information on osteopathy, and contact details. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Experienced Counsellors Network - A group of counsellors in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. Includes a profile of each counsellor. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Heritage Manor - Specialises in independent living, assisted living and nursing care for the elderly. Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and Witham. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Leightons Opticians - Branches in Southern Britain and in Yorkshire. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Leightons Opticians - Opticians also offering hearing aids with branches across Southern England. Profile, services and product range. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • London Counselling Services - Counsellor, with practices in Harlow, Essex, Harley Street, Central London, Harrow, South Woodford and Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire offering counselling, psychotherapy, Asian counselling, ethnic counselling and life coaching for individuals and couples. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Peace of Mind Servicing - Provides repair services for scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs. Serves the UK. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • - Provide postgraduate training for all manual therapists. Facilitate a number of courses in a variety of locations. Details of courses, tutors and downloadable programme. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Postural Solutions Ltd. - Physiotherapists offering Physiotherapy and Alexander Technique in the City, Canary Wharf, West London, Essex and Cambridgeshire. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Premier Health & Sport Therapy - Company of chartered physiotherapists and other medical specialists who provide treatment and advice for musuclo-skeletal injuries and conditions throughout London, Oxford and Brighton. About, locations and vacancies. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Scimitar Care Hotels - Provides residential care for the elderly in Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex and London. Overview, properties and amenities. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • SLTnorth - Information, advice, events and activities for speech and language therapy staff, students and volunteers in the North of England. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Smokefree England - Official site with details of the Smokefree legislation introduced in England on July 1st 2007. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Somerset Care - Provider of care homes and services in Somerset and Isle of Wight. Company profile, annual report, contact details for each home, recruitment and training information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Surrey Allergy Clinic - Private allergy clinics in Surrey, Hampshire and London. Profile, advice, services and appointments. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Thames Allergy Centres - Private allergy clinics in Keighley, Oxford and Weybridge. Profile, services and available treatments. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )


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