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Welcome to our British Directory service. This directory is derived from the British component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Avril Rowlands - Film and television training in the skills of film continuity and television studio skills for the production assistant. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bayton First School - Details of events and activities, together with examples of pupils' work. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bockleton Study Centre - An environmental and outdoor education centre for secondary school students. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bredon School - Co-educational boarding and day school with expertise in learning difficulties. Provides details about the facilities, learning support, and extra-curricular activities. Located in Bushley. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Bridley Moor High School - A presentation of modern art from the Art Department. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Cleeve Prior First School - Includes school calendar, newsletter, general information about the school and its staff, and examples of pupils' work. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Cutnall Green CofE First School - Primary school for children age 4-9. Includes admissions information, a fund raising webshop, a guestbook, and an events calendar. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Hallow Primary School - Includes curriculum information, policies and procedures, class pages, and staff details. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Himbleton First School - Includes events calendar, class pages, newsletters, and a virtual tour of the school. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Hindlip First School - Includes events calendar, details of extra curricular activities, examples of pupils' work, and the school prospectus. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • St Nicholas Middle School, Pinvin - Includes general school information, a photographic tour, details of school clubs, results and achievements, and subject pages. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )
  • Stoke Prior First School - School calendar and general information. (Added: 23-Apr-2009 Hits: )


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